Bento / Motion Capture – Gaia 1.0


NEW in this release:

– BENTO RIGGING: The head is rigged to the Bento bones, so you can modify the shape of the head to your liking.

– MOTION CAPTURE animations: This head is animated using real life movements, which makes your avatar move much more realistically than ever before. Video:

– EYE FX: Our new invention, “Eye fx” layer, features shading and eye reflections on a separate layer from the eye itself. This way, shading and reflections stay intact even when your avatar looks around. Your eyes will also reflect light in the evening. 􀀀

– LONGER LASHES: The eyelash length slider allows for longer lashes than previously.

– TATTOO LAYER: Omega installed tattoo layer, for freckles, blush, wrinkles etc.


Picture by: Jaqualine Rembranch7bc93e2b4c3ad1a68fadff0fdbf10775

Picture by: Anya Ohmai



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